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Hello world!

by Alison May 21, 2013 Tag

Hello and welcome to my sparkly new website! In the next few days, I’ll be posting more content; for now, please explore and let me know what you think! Any feedback you’d like to contribute, or any suggestions for things you’d like to see, would be very welcome.

Live long and play peekaboo with birds

Today’s look blends training-conure-not-to-chew-on-my-ears chic with Vulcan attitude. Hi, everyone!



2 Comments so far:

  1. Good morning ALISON RUSH!!

    I just love your tunes. Congratulations on your new page, may you be blessed abundantly.

    I am looking forward to your group today in Merced. My guitar is ready to sing!!

    Kimbee Hummingbird

  2. Kimbee says:

    Good evening ALISON RUSH!!

    Missed you Saturday evening. I really anticipated jamming with you and Jordan, and other Talent. I ended up coming down with a cold. So, good thing I did not share that, lol.

    Your group date is posted on my calendar. Since I had to stay home, I got to attend a session with BLUES AFTER HOURS, at home on the net. Their DJ Andrew has good taste and flow with the blues music he selected for us all.

    Doowop Cafe is very entertaining. Great people. I invite you to check it out. If you like the blues. Thanks to them I came up with a title for a song (whoop ~ WHOOP).

    Eagerly awaiting more songs from you to add to my wonderful collection of yours!

    Have a absolutely starry night,
    Kimbee Hummingbird

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